Light and Rubbed Edges Highlight the Work of Tom Bluemlein

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Nature in all its forms is endlessly fascinating to painter Tom Bluemlein. Cloud and fog with a strong focused light are signature features of his paintings. Created with an ethereal touch, Tom’s impressionist paintings take the viewer far beyond the subject matter, to a calm place where memories and moods are revisited.

Tom finds inspiration for his landscape, waterscape and still life oil paintings virtually everywhere he travels throughout the United States and France. Yet most of his paintings are created close to home, whether in the Smoky Mountain region of Eastern Tennessee, the Kentucky countryside or the beautiful Ohio Valley woodlands.

Using a tactile technique of painting, he applies paint to the canvas as if each brush stroke is a piece of fabric placed by hand. Once the pieces of paint are assembled, Tom stitches the pieces together, rubbing to blur the edges of one color to another giving his work a Monet like effect. His palette highlights earthy hues with bold colors creating a homogenous presentation of sky, water and land.

Tom’s art career spans thirty years. In addition to painting, he enjoys helping and encouraging other artists and does so regularly through his workshops and painting demonstrations.

We are proud to be the exclusive gallery representing Tom Bluemlein in the Knoxville area.