If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping consider American stoneware which is both durable and decorative.  Stoneware is not only beautiful, it fits today’s modern lifestyle as it can go from oven to table and is dishwasher safe.

The earliest example of stoneware was found in China and it was the  predominant house ware in the United States in the 19th century;  Today area artists make unique pieces that fit any style.   It is a type of pottery that is nonporous, opaque and glazed for decoration.

We often hear “it’s a beautiful piece but it doesn’t match my other dishes”.  Stoneware doesn’t need to match.  Because it is hand designed each piece is unique.

It is made in a wide range of colors and can be combined with any set of dishes.  Shiny, colorful plates, bowls and mugs add to the decorating style of any kitchen or dining room.

You can purchase a complete set of stoneware dishes but many people use stoneware as accent pieces.  Some pieces make colorful holders for utensils while others are prefect serving pieces when entertaining.  You can use colorful stoneware coffee mugs at the breakfast table.


Use a large stoneware serving platter at dinner.


Or consider using a bread dipping platter or chip and dip platter at a party

Whatever the purpose American stoneware is affordable art to fit anyone on your list.