Smoky Mountain Summer Giclee Print By Jim Gray

Smoky Mountain Summer Giclee Print By Jim Gray

  • $1,000.00

Fields of wildflowers beneath the hazy mountains, bring to mind those long summer days we've all experienced at one time or another. Jim hopes "Smoky Mountain Summer" brings back pleasant memories to you.

This print is available as a signed only lithograph and a limited edition signed and numbered Giclee.

The lithograph is printed on a lighter weight paper and is beautiful, yet because it is signed only and not limited in number, these very affordable prints will continue to be available at the current price. The giclee editions are printed one at a time on either a heavy watercolor paper or on canvas and they are signed by Jim Gray and limited to only 350 prints in each size category. As these prints sell out, they will most likely go up in value. The giclee process uses inks that are more resistant to fading and are these prints are produced with a dot pattern that is so fine even on close inspection, they look more like the original painting. Because the giclee is produced one at a time from a computer file, we can create the variety of sizes.

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